In london, at the annual wired magazine conference in october, we are doing a second experiment. Our first experiment happened this summer in paris, at le laboratoire. There we demonstrated the first prototype of the ophone. In london, we are inviting our friends at the wired conference to compose their very own coffee-mocha symphony, to experience that symphony at the virtual coffee bar, and to send it along to paris. In paris, at the wikibar of le laboratoire, some of us will be sending virtual fruit tarts over to london. We see the london experiment as a first step towards composing a sophisticated aromatic vocabulary that might permit, one day, unpredictably rich olfactory communication.

The ophone is the brainchild of david edwards and his harvard students, rachel field and amy yin, and has been realized through countless hours of collaboration with the staff of the le laboratoire, the wyss institute at harvard university, and designers baptiste viala andlaurent milon of studio millimetre.