Choose the Best Vehicle for Yourself

Can you make a smart choice of the vehicles in your car racing game or do you require your peers to suggest you in the mid-way when you go to play with or in front of them? If you want to win over in any of the car race game like Asphalt Xtreme, then do remember you should have a smart choice while choosing your vehicle while driving. It is well said:

Choose your arms for the war

This can be best explained in none other than the Asphalt Xtreme, the car racing game by Gameloft. The game has seen lots of hiccups but is still there to maintain its foremost position for the audiences.

Is choosing the best vehicle is hard?

Yes, it is a bit, but if you go through some of the tricks that we have mentioned below then it can be a cakewalk for you.

  1. Every vehicle and ride will provide you with a different experience so you need to choose with the outcome, you should know what to expect when it comes to results. Then choose wisely and drive making the opponents hard to defeat you in the ride at Asphalt Xtreme.
  2. If you like to won via jumping the whole ride, then you can master on Buggies as they are very light in weight and this feature makes them speedy as well. If you want to implement the various tricks then this vehicle can be a good option for you to ride.asphalt xtreme hack -
  3. If you want something that will be fast and can drift in an expert manner, then you can make the right choice by choosing the Rally cars, but the only problem with them is they are not very great in hitting other cars too.
  4. If you want an all-rounder go for the muscle car, but do know they consume the Nitro very fast.
  5. If you want the Nitro to be consumed slowly, then there are SUVs too, they are best used in knocking down the opponents and the worst part is that they cannot be used in performing any of the tricks
  6. Trucks, Muscle cars, and monster trucks are hard to apply, merely they are best in drifting the opponents apart and their Nitro is consumed only when they are used for Ram other vehicles.
  7. Whenever you will going to start a race in Asphalt Xtreme you will be shown the recommendation of the vehicles and their ranks too to give you an idea of your chances in the game. Do make sure that your rank should be similar or nearby, otherwise your chances of winning can be a bit less.

These tricks can appear minor but can be of a big help to you once you start playing Asphalt Xtreme, at your home or in any video game parlor. Asphalt Xtreme hack will certainly set a pathway for you to win and choose the best vehicle for yourself and then MAKE IT HARD for the opponents.


SmackTalk! The Adorable Prank App

Ten year olds around the world will unite and eternally prank each other and drive their care takers insane once they discover SmackTalk! Smack Talk is a voice altering app developed by Marcus Satelllite for the iPhone. Never again will you have to inhale one of those party balloons to get that squeaky voice to entertain them. SmackTalk! does it all for you.

There are four animated characters to choose from to make your squeaky voiced little ones happy. There is a guinea pig, puppy, kitten and Chihuahua. SmackTalk’s really easy to use. Just start up SmackTalk! and swipe the screen and choose a character. Speak in the microphone and a couple of seconds later you’ll be able to hear and watch your character talk back to you. SmackTalk! repeats whatever you say in any language.SmackTalk - Adorable Prank App

SmackTalk! can be enjoyed by kids, tweens, teens and the occasional adult looking for a wholesome good time. The title artwork is simple, and well done. All of the pictures in the app are high resolution crisp and clear. From a technical standpoint, SmackTalk! consistently functioned properly and always started up quickly. It never randomly froze or started over. What’s really nice about the app is there is only a couple of second delay from the time you speak to the time your animal repeats the phrase. This means it repeats what you say practically in real time. The only thing you have to look out for is that the microphone can be a little sensitive. So you have to make sure there isn’t a lot of noise around and that you speak directly in to the microphone when using it.

Overall SmackTalk! is a solid application. It works well. SmackTalk! has a simple design and is easy to use. Kids will be entertained for a long time. It’s big on the cute factor and low on the cost factor — a perfect combo when purchasing fun from the App Store.

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Raging Thunder, Crazy Driving – iPhone Apps

Raging Thunder-The developers over at Polarbit are no newcomers to the iPhone scene, even if you may not have heard of them yet. They’re the minds behind such acclaimed games as Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D and SSX3. The release of their newest title, Raging Thunder, marks the first time the company has released an iPhone app under their name and without any collaboration or third party publisher.Raging Thunder, Crazy Driving

The experience those working at Polarbit gained by developing racing games like Nitro Kart 3D and Indy 500, is easily noticeable in the quality of games they offer. They know what works and what doesn’t, and have successfully incorporated the most desired features in handheld gaming — including WLAN multiplayer for up to four players and 4 single player modes — into a neat little package that costs just under 4$. The controls are well calibrated from the get-go and can be easily modified to accommodate the player’s style of gaming, through sensitivity and control settings.

With so many different styles of racing games, from uber-realistic driving simulation games like Gran Turismo to karting classics like Mario Kart, it’s hard to place Raging Thunder in a particular category. The best way to describe the gameplay would be to compare it to the classic Cruisin’ arcade games. The way you shift around the iPhone to move is fairly similar to the feel of those old arcade steering wheels and the Boost feature provides that same over the top feeling of acceleration in the game. Raging Thunder even comes complete with a collision and tackling system, to take your opponents out of the race for good. The only thing missing from the classic Cruisin’ series is the Catch-Up option, but I’m just being picky.

From a visual point of view, considering the limited hardware, the graphics were way more than I expected. Even more impressive is that Ragning Thunder runs at an amazing frame rate in unparelled smoothness. After playing for roughly 4 hours through the 10 ridiculously challenging courses, I hadn’t noticed a single glitch, delay or lag. Simply put, it’s a rock solid game that would please both racing nuts and gamers alike. Pick it up for only $3.99 at the App Store today, you’ll be happy you did.