SmackTalk! The Adorable Prank App

Ten year olds around the world will unite and eternally prank each other and drive their care takers insane once they discover SmackTalk! Smack Talk is a voice altering app developed by Marcus Satelllite for the iPhone. Never again will you have to inhale one of those party balloons to get that squeaky voice to entertain them. SmackTalk! does it all for you.

There are four animated characters to choose from to make your squeaky voiced little ones happy. There is a guinea pig, puppy, kitten and Chihuahua. SmackTalk’s really easy to use. Just start up SmackTalk! and swipe the screen and choose a character. Speak in the microphone and a couple of seconds later you’ll be able to hear and watch your character talk back to you. SmackTalk! repeats whatever you say in any language.SmackTalk - Adorable Prank App

SmackTalk! can be enjoyed by kids, tweens, teens and the occasional adult looking for a wholesome good time. The title artwork is simple, and well done. All of the pictures in the app are high resolution crisp and clear. From a technical standpoint, SmackTalk! consistently functioned properly and always started up quickly. It never randomly froze or started over. What’s really nice about the app is there is only a couple of second delay from the time you speak to the time your animal repeats the phrase. This means it repeats what you say practically in real time. The only thing you have to look out for is that the microphone can be a little sensitive. So you have to make sure there isn’t a lot of noise around and that you speak directly in to the microphone when using it.

Overall SmackTalk! is a solid application. It works well. SmackTalk! has a simple design and is easy to use. Kids will be entertained for a long time. It’s big on the cute factor and low on the cost factor — a perfect combo when purchasing fun from the App Store.

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